Thursday, June 14

Second week of June

We had some early bug damage, mostly by green aphids. With only 40 plants up and sprouted, it was easiest to rub the bugs off for now. If they make it through the first month of bugs, then I don't need to address them anymore. There will be so many leaves that I can afford to lose quite a few before the cotton ripens.

Notice, however, the twisting of the leaves due to bugs. For years, I worried over this. The last few years, I try hard to ignore it and get better cotton. How does that work???

I will get white fly a bit later in the year - probably around the 4th of July when the plants are around knee high. They don't seem to affect the crop either. If they start to really bother me, I will mix up some Dawn, Lemon sudsy ammonia and Miracle grow to hose them off. In past years, I might add tobacco juice to the mix, but it doesn't seem to make much difference. The first few weeks are the critical times for the new plants. If they make it that far, then nothing kills them. We do lose about 1/2 to hail.

Most resistant to bugs: Pima. Least resistant: Peruvian Brown. Pretty good is my green/pima cross. At this time, you can't see much difference between the colors, but soon, the flowers and leaves will differentiate.

Fiberguy built nice little earthen walls around the small beds. These act as little pools and 'save' the rain that comes down. Since the small garden is on a serious slope, it is miniature terrace gardening.