Wednesday, August 15

Mid August

Pima flowers still just getting going (yellow), while the green flowers are almost done (red above).

Fat Green.

Occasionally I get a yellow Pima blossom with a red center, like a tulip with a dark center. Very pretty and it happens on the same plants as the creamier yellow flowers. This one was a late flower on the bottom of the plant.

It is a waiting game right now. The plants are fully grown - about shoulder high on the green and a bit shorter on the Pima. The bolls are filling up very well, but I am still getting a lot of flowers. At this point, it is clear that the Pima is behind by about a week or two. I interpret that as Pima has a longer growing season.

Pima has triangular darker ones.
Green has round bolls.

Lots of flowers still coming on the same branches as bolls.

String of bolls.

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Weedwacker said...

I live in midwest Missouri and also grow cotton. I have the best luck with the green. Can you tell the difference between Pima cotton and any other kind? You did a great job on your cotton handspun, and I'm so inspired!