Thursday, April 24

Proud Cotton Mama

Emergence. Look at this mighty seedling rip the ground above it's head.

And leaves are coming out all over.

Even in the big pots we are getting 100% germination. We will have to thin like mad I think.

And if you look very closely next to the rock you will see several little green shoots coming out.
So even after the snow last week, we are having luck. We still have some to get into the ground, but now seems like a good time. Oh and don't you like my volunteer poppy at the edge of the bed?


denny's plants are up too!! said...

I also got wee plants poking up. It worked!! I'm gonna be a cotton farmer. If I don't suck and something
bad happens, so far so good.

atlaw said...

Hi, just found your blog through someone else's. I think it's great that you post the cotton's growth from beginning to end. I've started spinning cotton on a support spindle and am thoroughly enjoying it. Never spun from cotton bolls. Would you care to share a couple with me to try out? I will pay for this. Thanks