Saturday, June 6

Wet and windy

We live near the gap in the mountains where the clouds, heavy with rain, squeeze through. So while all of Albuquerque is dry, we have had terrible wet weather. It has rained every day for 15 days and has been unseasonably cold. This is a bad beginning for our cotton plants. We have had more bugs and more windy leaf damage. However, you can see a good leaf forming in our stunted little plants right in the center. We have a lot of hope for a nice crop. We did lose a lot with the last hail - more than half this year.
So if you have poor looking plants, do not despair. Wait for the warm weather and have a happy surprise.
My tree cotton tale was so sad, I hated to bring it up. The seeds were from Ruth Schooley and I got them just before she died so suddenly. I babied the plant and took it in for the winter since I got the seeds kind of late. When it came back out, it looked fine for a couple of days but we had wind gusts over 60 mpg for several days running. I lost almost every leaf. The plant meant so much to me that I was distraught. But I should have been confident since it is coming back. We had to tie it a lot until leaves came.
Even on branches where the leaf fell off completely, a new one begins.
On the next two photos, you can see the damaged leaves, but good ones are coming out from the crown.

And the other garden plants? They are going ape. Look at the size of these two lavender bushes grown from seed. They are about 1/2 way up the mailbox which is a bit higher than most on the street. The bluish plant on the side is another variety of lavender which is larger than normal for scale.
How is your cotton doing this year?


Lorraine Blakely said...

Currently, I have over 20 cotton plants growing in my backyard in a dryer section of Albuquerque, thanks to you sharing seeds. I am not sure how much thinning to do. The plants in a pot were easy, but I am not sure about the ones in a row in a garden setting. What do you think?

fibergal said...

Leave them in and grow them. You will lose a little in yield per plant but gain in total yield. Ours are only a foot apart within the row but are 1.5 ft apart from row to row.

Lorraine Blakely said...

Hi, hope you do not mind another question for the cotton experts. My cotton was growing quickly, then has started to shrivel up. Some plants have several leaves that are shriveling. They seem to be getting enough water, but I worry that they have some type of infestation. What do you think? Should I wait, or do something?

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